Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Arrives Tomorrow!

So the forecast is finally looking promising. Sunday fishing was so-so on the 'Root and I'm still coughing up tar from the Kootenai Creek fire. Fish are starting to tire of the hoppers and the hatches haven't been kicking in like they will in the rain and cool fall air. Hang in their fish heads. Bad weather is good weather to us!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Stolen Raft Frame - Keep Your Eyes Open

Joe Nickell has asked us to pass along this message:

Someone stole my NRS aluminum raft frame, including brass oarlocks, center rowing seat, gray front fishing seat w/ thigh bar and casting platform, gray back fishing seat, anchor system, blue/white anchor rope w/ large carabiner attached to end. Both front and back fishing seats have attached plastic cupholders.

Please keep your eye out. Since I've offered a no-questions-asked $350 reward for its return on Craigslist, I'll mention that here too.

Stolen from right outside my house at 1305 Howell St. (near Lowell St. / Scott St. Bridge) sometime between 9/24-9/27.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Will it ever be autumn?

With the exception of yesterday and this morning, it looks like September and August switched places. Days in the 80s have delayed the terrific mayfly activity that so many of us are craving. Word on the street is that the fish have been getting slow after 2pm and with more highs above 80 this week, it looks like we're waiting for October for cool weather.

Tricos have been the name of the game in the morning on the lower 'Root, the Clarkie, and on the slower stretches of the upper 'Foot. Blue-wings are hatching, but the weather isn't keeping them on the water, where the fish can snack on them. A few October caddis are flying around, as well as some spruce moths and other terrestrials. Wasps have been an effective pattern for some of our friends as of late. Let's hope it gets colder soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Upper Clark Fork fisheries update

Hi yall. I've spent the summer working for FWP as a fisheries technician this summer. In case you didn't know, there's a ton of fish up there. Although numbers in the main stem are a little low (around 300-400 fish per mile) they are hungry, big, and brown. Here's a pic of a hopper fish between gold creek and drummond. It was a better day hopper fishing than I've had on any other of the local big rivers. There are many floats on these streches that few people run with a raft. Galen-Racetrack - Sager Lane-Deer Lodge- khors bend- garrison-phosphate-gold creek-jens-drummond-BLM access. As some of you know, the fish numbers peter out below drummond and don't really pick up until Rock Cr.

Most recently we started a population estimate on the Little Blackfoot. One the stretch down from the new access site, we picked up over 400 fish. A good number of these fish were 18" or over. In most log jams, we'd pick up at least 5 fish in this class. Here's a couple of pics of some of the larger fish.
We'll probably estimate about 1000 fish per mile on much of the lower Little Blackfoot. Similarly, we've seen brown trout estimates on Warm Springs Creek at around 1000 fish/mile as well(upstream mile from the confluence and hospital). This estimate was taken twice in the last two years, so its probably very accurate. Several fish over 20" were found here and many in the 18" range. The willows are tough here, but once you're in the river channel, its easy to get a cast.

Just wanted to throw out some fall brown trout ideas for you dry fly, caddis pupae, and streamer chuckers. Enjoy!