Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rain Runoff v. Snow Runoff

Could this be the reason the dry fly fishing has been so spotty? I think so. In the fall, this kind of weather gets the fish going, but not right now. The Blackfoot has been weirder than weird lately, which basically means it's being itself. While people are taking fish on top, I haven't heard any reports of gonzo fishing and I think the rain regiment is to blame. Even the streamer fishing has been streaky. All of sudden you whack a few, then it's back to being adrift on the high seas.

I'd be interested to know, how the temperature variation compares with high runoff years as well as water quality and turbidity. Just a thought.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Rollercoaster Continues

Well kids, all those prognostications about consistent fishing until the midsummer drought aren't coming true. Rain, rain, rain. The Blackfoot was just starting to turn on yesterday and the Creek was approaching summer dry fly bliss, but with 4-6 inches of snow predicted above 6,000 feet and an inch of rain expected in the mid-elevations, the river forecast features a big rise once again. Too bad we can't trap all this water and save for August when we need it.

The Creek is up 500 cfs in the last 24 hours, and it will likely go back above 3,000 tomorrow or Friday. The Blackfoot is also expected to jump considerably over the next few days, although it's currently level. It a little hydrological concept called "time of concentration." Thanks, Don Potts! Basically, it takes a little while for all the water in all the tributaries to get to the main river, but when it does, it all adds up.

Just a reminder that on the right side of this page, you can find links to all the Missoula-area river gauges, NOAA river forecasts, and pin-point weather forecasts for your favorite spots on local rivers. There are also links to fishing reports from all the local shops.

Monday, June 14, 2010

So What's Up With The Blackfoot? And other news...

Ok, I'm back. I was just feeling terrible about being too busy during school to blog, so I was avoiding blogging. But Evan convinced me to get over it the other day. Here we go again.

There are currently salmonflies all over the 'Foot, but the fish just don't care. Not sure why, but I think the bright days have a lot to do with it. We've been seeing a variety of bugs. Tons of caddis, some PMD's, goldens of various sizes, drakes, and of course the big orange things. The dry fly action has been nonexistent since the last rainy day. The fish were real used to that pattern and it's been the exact opposite. Andy Simon smacked this nice 'bow the last rainy day:

In the sun, it's been tough. On Sunday, this bull was pretty much the only real action. That and some Mike's Hard Lemonade.

The Creek is Rockin'. (pun intended) Fish are eating a variety of dries, from salmonflies to goldens to drakes to whatever. The thing about the Creek for me this time of year, is after one or two great days, I want to do something different. It's like the Firehole. I can only catch millions of 8" browns for so long. Don't yell at me for saying that. It's just that, if you throw it out there they will eat it. Not that I don't enjoy the occasional 18 incher, but I just feel a little mean and cruel catching gullible trout day after day. I enjoy a challenge. That challenge would be the Blackfoot currently, since it's been hosing everybody.

Bitterroot? I've heard the upper stretches and the West Fork have been improving and it's going to drop like a rock in the near future, due to the piss poor snow pack down there. Nymph fishing is reportedly good all the way through the middle stretches.

The Clark Fork will probably start fishing with caddis by the end of this week, if it isn't already. They don't care about the mud down there usually. Let's hope things turn on somewhere soon.