Monday, July 19, 2010

Another Moron Drives Car Into River

So, when is FWP going to do something about the Blackfoot? Here's yet another example of the complete lawless ridiculousness that is the Johnsrud MTV Spring Break annual outbreak of idiocy. Can't we at least have $5 tuber permits or something? It could pay for enforcement of the law and basic common sense.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer in the Rockies

The rain has finally abated and it's now time for our favorite season. This time of year I tend to leave the big rivers to the crowds during the afternoons and focus on two of my loves: small streams and mountain lakes. It's a great way to avoid the hoards and occasionally you whack a really nice trout somewhere you weren't expecting to.

In other news, I've begun sketching some t-shirt ideas, both for Zoo City and a river series I'd like to do. There just aren't any good-quality, cool fishing t's so I want to make it happen this month. The hopper fishing, which is predicted to be epic, hasn't turned on yet, but green drakes, PMDs and caddis have been keeping anglers happy.

You can also check out this letter to editor of the Missoulian from yours truly about the jet boating insanity on the lower Clark Fork and Bitterroot. Several guides I know were buzzed up past Lolo. Insane. Let's hope it gets regulated soon.