Thursday, June 2, 2011

Salmonflies in August?

It's still going to be a while. Missoula is currently getting close to an inch of rain, with temperatures in the high seventies predicted for the weekend. The snow needs to start melting sooner or later. At this point, I'm really skeptical that there will be much fishing for at least three weeks. There is still a lot of snow above 6000 feet. Take a look at the North Fork of the Jocko and Stuart Peak and you'll see what I'm talking about. More than 40 inches of water up there is a ton. But it might come out really quick, which also might be really dangerous.

Odds are the big bugs will hatch long before we have fishable water levels in around the Zoo. In my experience, the hatch happens whether you want it to or not. This weekend will be the first warm days and it will be interesting to see when the bugs hatch. We've already hit the average start time, and levels are still pretty high. The hatch happens quick. It isn't like the goldens, which last for weeks. Typically, all the bugs hatch over the course of just a few days, lay their eggs and finis.

Anyway, I'm going to say no salmonfly awesomeness in our neck of the woods this year. However, lake fishing, the Mo, and certain other nameless areas remain viable options. Get out your Gazzeteer and do some homework. It won't be easy again for a while. Here's a vid from Valley of the Moon before this week's temporary drop.