Thursday, August 30, 2012

Labor Day Preview

Well folks, the traditional last weekend of summer is upon us, although officially we have a few more weeks.  The temperatures on this side of the divide are finally starting to moderate, and we've avoided the fires, despite bouts of smoke from Idaho.  We drove through Livingston and Bozeman recently, and trust me, it's way better over here.  A pretty bad late fire season this year has me really worried about next season with El Nino.  Let's hope we get neutral conditions soon.

Fishing has been decent.  The hopper bite is on, but it's been a little bit inconsistent, probably due to the weather and the smoke effect.  Still, we've hooked and landed some really nice fish lately.  The Clark Fork is starting to show strong signs of recovery after years of low productivity due to the dam coming down.  There are lots more fish and some big ones too and the bugs have fish up and eating in many of their old haunts.  We've been seeing fish feeding in areas that were vacant for the past few years.  I think that we are definitely on the upswing, although you'd need real scientific data to prove it.  No denying that these fat 'bows are healthy!

Client Maraluiz with a fat hopper bow!


As for bugs other than hoppers, spruce moths appear to be waning.  We're still seeing lots of mayflies, including PMD/PED type stuff, Hecubas, Tricos and the beginnings of BWOs.  Still need some real cold to transition to the fall patterns.  Remember, with large bugs like Hecubas, they don't need to see too many before they key on them.  My homemade Hecuba comparadun has been rocking in the clouds.  Keep your eyes peeled for the October Caddis, too. Word is fish are already looking for them.

That's all I got for now.  Have a great weekend everybody.  Hope to see you on the stream!

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