Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Why I Love the Mo

Ahhhh, the Mighty Missouri!!!  I think I love it more and more every time I go.  Too bad the Missouri River Law Office looks like a one man show.  In all seriousness, I don't think there's a better trout river anywhere.  There are a ton of fish, a ton of big fish, and you can make it as hard as you want to.  Most of the time.  I just bought Simon Perkin's Sipping Dry, which I think does a great job of capturing the Mo phenomenon in 15 minutes.  If you're talking about insane bugs, large rising fish, and challenging yourself on the dry fly, the Mo is THE place to be.

The Mo is also currently THE place to be in the MT fly fishing industry.  I haven't really weighed in on the Craig scene at all here at ZCA, but I always try to be nondenominational:) I've had a lot of great experiences in Trout Town, and very few bad ones thus far.

First off, Chris Strainer at CrossCurrents is a good buddy of mine and he was the first person in Craig to give me the time of a day, way back almost 10 years ago now.  After getting "my balls kicked" a few times, he told me what flies I should have been using, and how I should be have been using them.  I never forgot it, so thanks Chris!  Needless to say, that was a while before Headhunters opened, but I'm definitely into their shop and everything they're doing these days to make fly fishing exciting.  Putting some steeze into it is good!  Everyone there was super helpful this last time out, too.

I also hit the Trout Shop for some grub and flies on my most recent trip and almost ended up buying a Simms jacket because I shook my V8 right after I opened it.  Trout on the brain.  Sorry about that, guys and thanks for being so nice.  Luckily, those things are pretty waterproof.  I told Josh, "We better get outta here, or I'm going to be working here to pay for all the shit I'm about to break."  In any case, my new plan is to go to every shop, every time I'm in town if I have time.

I've also made some new friends downriver lately and I bought a new boat.  Cascade resident, former BASS competitor, and elk hunting guide, Marc Betourney was kind enough to part ways with his '02 15' LP Clacka.  I've gained an awesome almost-new fishing platform and a great new fishing partner.  First, the day I bought the boat, Jay, and I took Marc out for the evening stalking some tricky risers.  Then, this Monday, Marc selflessly rowed Josh D and I around all day.  You're the man, dude.  Marky Mark!

Marc, Myself, and a hen brown on a dry.
I'd also like to give a shout out to Phil Camera at the Prewett Creek Inn.  He took me back to my roots and reminded me of why the vise is an important part of our sport.  Great little shop and awesome location.  I'll definitely be back, hopefully with Entztrix and Jason B. in tow, in the near future. I should also add a special thank you to Jay Dixon at Dixon Adventures.  He drove me over to pick up the boat and back, and has been an invaluable resource for fishing the big river.

Finally, here are a few fish photos from the past few weeks, just in case you doubted whether it's been awesome.  It has.  But if you want to fish on top, you better be on your game!