Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pre-Dog Days Update

Man, have we been busy!  Jason and I have been all over the state in the last few weeks running trips and having a blast with people from here, there, and everywhere.  Fun times on the rio!  The dry fly fishing has been pretty stellar everywhere, although I think the Blackfoot is my current favorite place to be.  The Missouri is absolutely incredible right now and if you can, make the drive over there to fish it.  We have had some memorable days over there this season.

The Clark Fork fish population continues to rebound and we've had great evenings this month hitting the caddis hatch and swinging pupa with Will on the two-handers.  My client Mark Huber is a Spey instructor and was kind enough to give me a one-hour lesson in the middle of our trip!  Needless to say, I can't wait for steelhead this fall!

The middle 'Root down has been kicking my butt all season but I've heard some good reports if you get in early.  We did not on Saturday, but Sammy White rose one of the largest browns I've seen in the 'Root ever.  On a soft hackle.  The upper Bitterroot continues to be excellent on top in the Candycane water.  The action is slowing considerably after 3pm and water temperatures are reaching dangerous levels for trout on all the area rivers by 5pm.  I've seen some dead fish the past few days and even had to dive to the bottom to save one last week.  Make sure you revive them in the net before turning them loose.

Anyway, I'm heading to the 'Foot for a multi-day with Tom Jenni and Russell Parks and then Jason and I are on the South Fork for a week for Joe Sowerby.  The fun never stops.  Until October.  So get out there and fish and get off your damn computer!    The evenings have been great if you're stuck at the office during the day.  Too bad there isn't a 6-inch rule in the summer!  We need to make one up!