Thursday, July 25, 2013

Quiet in the Heat

Photo: Chad Dubose
Sorry for the long silence everybody, but I've come to realize that these days I'm just too busy in June and July to write much.  It's been a crazy season, with a few Smith trips and plenty of day floats around Missoula.

The real news right now is the heat and the river closures.  FWP has Hoot Owl Restrictions on the entire Bitterroot and much of the Clark Fork.  No fishing between 2pm and Midnight.  Mandatory.  Afternoon water temps are really high right now.  It looks as though we might get back into the 80s in a few days.  This would do wonders for the fishing, especially if coupled with nights in the 50s.  It didn't get below 65 last night in Missoula and that just isn't going to cool the water down much.

In any case, please abide by the closures.  If you need a refresher on why hot water is bad for trout, read my article from last season,  Water Temps and Trout Safety In the Summer.  It's sad but this stuff is now becoming pretty much a yearly occurrence, unless we have way above average snowfall in the winter.  For me, this just hammers home the need for water sharing agreements on every trout stream in the West.  Let's hope the heat dials back soon.

Anyway, leave the fish alone in the heat and check some of these great shots from Chad, with developing by me from our night off on the Mo last week!  Team photography! Tight lines.

Photo: Chad Dubose

Photo: Chad Dubose

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